Comprehensive Home Finishing Solutions 

We at F&O Home Finishing can present you with a wide array of home solutions including gypsum, plastering, liquid membrane, door openings and concrete work

Turnkey Solutions

Professional Tiling Services

We at F&O Home Finishing provide our clients with a selection of high-end tile solutions for walls, bathrooms and floors


Why Choose Us?



We are great at planning out seamless projects where a straightforward approach is presented to the client. We at F&O Home Finishing excel when it comes to ensuring the success of each project we take on.



Choosing us means that you will be able to get coordination, communication and collaboration – benefit from hiring a well-established company made up of qualified and professional workers who will put your project first



We offer great value to every one of our customers by striving to keep up with timeframes, budgets and to adhere to any cost control provided to us by the client. 

Unique turnkey solutions designed to present you with a focus on quality, skill and expertise. 

Tiling Solutions

We at F&O Home Finishing specialise in a range of tile laying solutions. Thanks to our hands-on approach and experience, we provide our clients with an all-rounded, reliable and professional service.