Turning Houses Into Homes

We at F&O Home Finishing have embarked on numerous projects throughout our 25 years of experience in the field – both in Malta and abroad. From contemporary dwellings to traditional homes and modern havens, we have worked on it all. 


Our tried and trusted screed process is designed to  your home with solid foundations. This ppresentrocess is designed to level out floors or layers of concrete using straight-edged tools across the surface. 


From ceramic to traditional, porcelain, marble, granite and natural stone tiles, we at F&O Home Finishing can provide you with a professional high-end finish on several tiling projects. 

All-Rounded Solutions

After your house has been constructed, our team comes in to provide you with all the finishings necessary. From tile laying to ceiling designs and gypsum wall partitions, we can help you turn your house into a home. 


We offer a range of ceiling gypsum designs that will present you with a professional finish to your home. We offer both classical and modern designs ideal to complement your home and create the right atmosphere.


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We offer a number of gypsum wall and partition installations that can be used to carve out new spaces in a number of existing rooms. Through this service you can divide large rooms or create added space to your home. 

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Whether it’s a walk-in wardrobe, a bespoke shelving system or a functional home feature, we can present you with a range of utility gypsum solutions along with ceiling extensions and decorative centrepieces.

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